How to Wear a Neckerchief Without Looking Like a Narc

Try the latest accessory trend; if you don’t think it’s for you, still read for a good look at Miles Teller.

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Always an accessory fiend, I have missed the many necklaces I usually layer with any outfit. Since #LittleMissEmmaBean could make a fist, I’ve found that wearing a necklace is a guaranteed way to have scratch marks from chin to cleavage. So, having laid them aside until my baby girl can take cues on personal space, I have loved the neckerchief trend!

My grandmother Mimi (far right, obvs.) making the neckerchief look chic in 1955.

I found this Chanel scarf on ebay (below) and recently moved it from the arm of my Louis Vuitton neverfull to my neck! Side note: I sought this exact one after staring down a teenager in line for a SnoBeach snow cone in Austin, TX who had one in his hair. Envy! Inspiration is everywhere.

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Ahem, I also have an Hermes twilly that I’ve worn around town once or twice.

The thing is, some of you may share my fear of looking like a substitute French teacher. If you remember Patty Simcox from Grease, you know the vibe to avoid with this trend.

Sometimes, what we see models wearing on runways just doesn’t translate to real life. I am looking at you, Tory Burch

I’m calling this a Diaries Don’t

Don’t pull the boring white sweater look. White is ok if you achieve a tonal effect that also includes a white or cream-toned neckerchief. It’s also ok if you can balance the uber-preppy effect.

To do so, make sure the rest of your look offers a little edge: frayed jeans, a leather skirt, a denim jacket, converse sneakers or scuffed-up booties for instance. It doesn’t hurt to show a little skin below the neckerchief. You can take this look to a dressy dinner or a trip to the grocery store. Of course, as with anything new, just try it and see how it goes. It’s supposed to be fun!

Styled by Tootsies for the Junior League of Houston Opening Style Show.

Of course, adding a punch of color to a monochromatic outfit is both bold and classic.

You look good, Miles.

Or, you could just put it on Miles Teller and stare at it. But see, ladies? Does your eye go to his neck and the ole’ bandana? Now lift your chin a bit and own it for the same effect.

I couldn’t resist. Look at these cowboys with their neckerchiefs! My Big Mister is far right. #Swagger

If you’re not sure about the whole thing, consider going in for a cheap one and trying it without the sticker shock. There are a gazillion on amazon. If you find it’s not for you, tie it on your bag or offer it as a pocket square to the stylish fellow in your life.

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Tory Burch reading important fashion papers and pulling off a neckerchief. Please accept our sincerest apologies for throwing you under the fashion bus.

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