Birthday Fundraiser for Yellowstone Academy

I’m raising donations to directly support families of Yellowstone Academy who are displaced from Harvey. My husband and I will match all donations. Help us achieve our goal!

Seaside Was Great! Restaurant Reviews and Recap

Well this week was nothing like our time at the beach. We spent yesterday at the Texas Children’s Hospital Emergency Room for our sweet Emma Bean who was low on fluids after fighting a cold, a virus and an ear infection. Her daddy and grandmother Lovey saved the day and comforted both Emma and me

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Prayers Through Waiting – Or, Rahab Takes Another Lap

I am meeting you this week in a real place. Worth the read, though! Remember Rahab? Remember how brave she was to host Israelite spies in her home despite the danger to herself and her family? Two men came to scout out the fortified land of Jericho. They were spies of God’s people. They represented

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MicroNeedling: It hurts but it might help!

If you’re in the mood for a spooky Halloween post this October, look no further! Warning: not for the squeamish or those who think microdermabrasion is painful. Pansies. I have now completed two sessions of MicroNeedling and received so many questions about it from my instagram story on @elizadiaries that I thought I would give more details

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